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Tarot Vancouver is owned by Sara LeFae – Tarot Reader, Dream Interpreter, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki healer & ‘Modern Mystic.’

Sara LeFae

Intuitive Tarot Reader, Master Numerologist, Certified Hypnotherapist & Reiki Practitioner

An introduction from Sara LeFae:

Sara LeFae is a gifted intuitive Tarot reader. She has appeared on BlogTalk Radio doing live readings, hosted numerous Tarot parties and has conducted 1,000s of personal readings.

I became fascinated by symbolism & iconic meanings in the 1990’s when I began to study dream interpretation, Astrology & Numerology.  This knowledge base and understanding helps me to have a unique interpretation in my Tarot readings.

I also use my natural intuition and abilities to speak directly to my clients – I feel like the cards allow me to give clients specific messages germane to that particular situation & time.  The same card can be pulled by multiple people, and although there are central themes to cards, my unique abilities allows me to understand the symbolic meaning specific to my client.

I am also interested in the human mind and potential.  In 2010, I qualified as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as a Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapist.  I truly enjoy helping people – some people are comfortable with intensive therapy, while others prefer to have a reading and see what the cards have in mind for them, others still prefer the gentle energy of Reiki.

I perform personal readings – where the intention is to enlighten and inform.  I am also available for events, where the intention is to entertain & provide fast yet enlightening readings.

In 2012, I received my certification as a Master Numerologist. I have also studied Astrology and runes, as well as Celtic mythology and symbolism.

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Sara LeFae  Modern Mystic